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Sign:  Dear Bell & Yellow Pages. We all have a thing called 'the Internet' Now Please Stop Wasting Stuff.

In The book Abundance by Dr. Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, they discuss the ‘dematerialization’ occurring around us.*  Right now, “‘…we’re fixated on having too much of everything:  thousands of friends, vacation homes, cars, all this crazy stuff.  But we’re also seeing the tip of the dematerialization wave, like when a phone dematerializes a camera.  It just disappears.’”

I think we’re seeing the dematerialization of these as well (see photo).  You may see this being passed around on Facebook.  I did, just this morning.

Are you advertising there?  What are you paying to be ignored?  Are you online?  Would you like to be?

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*pgs. 150-51, 153, 196, 238, 289-90

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