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Visual Contrast

There are many things from the brick & mortar marketing world which can be transferred to the online world.

One of them is creating a visual contrast between ‘prices’ in your content.  What I mean is, you can write out say a special offer in a particular way that makes the ‘deal’ price look much better than the regular price by virtue of the contrast, visually.

Let’s say, the normal ‘price’ on an item is normally $10 and you are offering it at $7 for a week.  Why not present the two as $10.00 vs. $7?

I created a Video Offer on another page so you can go see it as an example of this concept in use.

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What’s that you wrote?

When you are marketing on the internet, please remember that it is much more difficult to read than the printed page, for most people.

Not only do you want to present a clean font, in a ‘double digit’ size, you want to include PLENTY of ‘white space’ around your text.

White text on black background – hard to read.

Apparently, you may also get some benefit from using the ‘right’ font.  For now, that’s just hearsay.  A little more research may be needed to verify that for you.

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Sig File

A simple, automated, consistent way to get info to others in your circle is through your ‘sig file’ – a little blurb you put into your email program (most) that attaches to each email you send out.

Here’s what I have in my sig file right now:

Pam Hoffman

Marketing Online Now?  Get Free Tips at…


I have gotten business from this and , while it changes from time to time, I tend to have one active almost all the time.

You probably want to include your name, the contact info you want to share, a ‘call to action’ – mine is the 4th line of text: “Marketing Online Now?  Get Free Tips at…” then add the URL to the exact place on your site you want the reader to visit & which fulfills the call to action.

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