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“Submit” – Are You Really Into That?

You created a great report, you set it up to give to the world for free and you used the standard “submit” button in the form.  That’s OK I suppose.  Why not put that space to work for you?  I bet you are way more creative than your autoresponder!  If you’d like an example of this, check out the form on the WWW2ATM Home page now!  It’s a good place for a call to action.

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Think 3!

Do you get emails from people promoting their products?  Have you noticed something about them?  They often include clickable links.  Some Internet Marketers claim that having 3 or more of these clickable links in a single email message increased the chances that the reader would actually click on the link!

It’s worth testing in your email campaigns isn’t it?.

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Line ‘Em Up

Are you adding images to your posts, emails or on your websites?

You might want to line them up.

At an email marketing meetup hosted by Paul Pacun (rhymes w/bacon) Paul gave a report back from a Marketing Sherpa event a couple of years ago.

Readers responded better to email messages where the images all lined up on one side of the page.

Test it for yourself!

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Sig File

A simple, automated, consistent way to get info to others in your circle is through your ‘sig file’ – a little blurb you put into your email program (most) that attaches to each email you send out.

Here’s what I have in my sig file right now:

Pam Hoffman

Marketing Online Now?  Get Free Tips at…


I have gotten business from this and , while it changes from time to time, I tend to have one active almost all the time.

You probably want to include your name, the contact info you want to share, a ‘call to action’ – mine is the 4th line of text: “Marketing Online Now?  Get Free Tips at…” then add the URL to the exact place on your site you want the reader to visit & which fulfills the call to action.

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