I Hate Video!

I hate video personally.  I can’t scan it to understand the overall concepts then delve into the areas I’m most interested in.  I also can’t go back later to ‘random access’ a particular area I need to find again – unless I took notes and included a ‘time stamp’ in the process.

From what I know as I study marketing/internet marketing though, shorter is better.

Getting close in, far away & some angle shots mixed together is the current trend and is supposed to hold the interest of the viewer.

My personal recommendation – do both on a website type venue.  Some will prefer video and some will prefer text, you can appeal to both types of learners that way.

The beauty of video is the perceived high value and it can be parsed into the other formats very easily – strip the audio, get the content transcribed, and you have it all.

It’s actually pretty easy to obtain now with digital cameras which include video.  Viewer expectations appear to be lower too – between The Blair Witch Project, reality TV shows and amateur work appearing all over, you can produce what you need from home with equipment you may already have.

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Lead Valves

Have you ever done a ‘search’ online for your name?  I monitor this periodically for ‘Pam Hoffman’ and it’s interesting to note what appears when.

I just checked and the top sites, in order, are:  Linked in, Facebook, flickr then  All four are me.  #5 is Mystic Meadows Daylily Farm (not me).

#’s 6 & 8 are two of my blogs.  I pretty much dominate that search with 6 out of ten of those results connected to me somehow.  This also expresses the importance of social media for you & your business.

It is beneficial to also search your location & vocation (if applicable (and you really want to ‘brand’ yourself online)) to see which sites appear there.

These are ‘Lead Valves’ and can help you get found.  Most searches for products & services are made with some kind of location indicator (city name or zip code/postal code).

The more  urgent the search term, the more likely the searcher is in a buying mode.

For example, if I did a search:  plumber 91362

I could be looking for information of any nature.  I might be creating a directory of plumbers in my area or I might want to meet some plumbers to see if I’d like to learn that trade or…  anything really.

If I search:  fix burst pipes 91362

I’m probably facing a crisis & I need help.

The question for you is ‘am I findable for those terms in a search?’  You don’t need to be findable for the general terms.  Who knows what that searcher is looking for anyway?

You want to be findable for terms that have more panic or pain in their tone.  If you can deliver up the correct solution AND show up in a search for such searches, your odds of being selected improve.

I’m often asked ‘can you get me to the number 1 position on google?’ to which I must ask ‘why settle for the top spot when you could dominate the whole page?’

What do you think your chances are of being picked for THAT search?

The beauty of all this is that it’s EASIER to get into those positions by filling in forms on the sites that show up in those positions now.

Don’t work so hard!  If you’re still writing articles, there is a better way to get found by the search engines.

These ‘Lead Valves’ are much simpler and are the go-to sites for search engines these days.

Test it out for yourself just search for anything on your area.  See what comes up.

If your business is the kind that can ONLY be delivered upon locally, especially, businesses like locksmiths, pool cleaners, caters and pet sitters; you need Lead Valves!.

Lead valves can help you if your products/services can be delivered online.  You just need to find out what those ‘buying terms’ are.

Oh, did I mention?  It’s easier to rank well for those ‘buying terms’ (aka long tail keywords) than for the more general terms.  There is less competition there!

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Visual Contrast

There are many things from the brick & mortar marketing world which can be transferred to the online world.

One of them is creating a visual contrast between ‘prices’ in your content.  What I mean is, you can write out say a special offer in a particular way that makes the ‘deal’ price look much better than the regular price by virtue of the contrast, visually.

Let’s say, the normal ‘price’ on an item is normally $10 and you are offering it at $7 for a week.  Why not present the two as $10.00 vs. $7?

I created a Video Offer on another page so you can go see it as an example of this concept in use.

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Don’t Kill Your Property!

VRE or ‘virtual real estate’ is valuable space. It’s a little like actual Real Estate, with less overhead and more potential ROI (return on investment) yet time and time again, the unaware will KILL their Facebook page or other online property!

There are very, very few reasons to eliminate an online property – I can’t even think of one – especially if it’s free! It can lay dormant for now and in the future, it will still be there when you want/need it again.

Such sites can serve many purposes and, as they get older, they gain ‘seasoning’ which can benefit you in search engine results.  If the site gains ranking and provides a live link to a more active site, you will get the benefit of a ‘referral’ and sites which get more of these appear more relevant to a search engine.

I urge you to keep those sites!  You don’t have to worry about them.  Just keep a list of all the sites in your control for a time when it may be useful to you again.

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Sign:  Dear Bell & Yellow Pages. We all have a thing called 'the Internet' Now Please Stop Wasting Stuff.

In The book Abundance by Dr. Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, they discuss the ‘dematerialization’ occurring around us.*  Right now, “‘…we’re fixated on having too much of everything:  thousands of friends, vacation homes, cars, all this crazy stuff.  But we’re also seeing the tip of the dematerialization wave, like when a phone dematerializes a camera.  It just disappears.’”

I think we’re seeing the dematerialization of these as well (see photo).  You may see this being passed around on Facebook.  I did, just this morning.

Are you advertising there?  What are you paying to be ignored?  Are you online?  Would you like to be?

If you find all this Internet Marketing stuff overwhelming, start with the free Internet Marketing Basics report (see video)…

If you know you need to be there NOW and you just need a little help, call, write or visit the shop for a list of services.


*pgs. 150-51, 153, 196, 238, 289-90

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